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Cork Airport Steps In To Help With Current Fodder Crisis

24 June 2013

Despite a recent 10 day straight run of warm, dry weather, farmers all over the country continue to struggle with the current fodder crisis. According to reports from the farming community, 1,000 loads of imported fodder received since mid-April have helped alleviate some of the pressure, but conditions still remain extremely difficult for farmers throughout the country. 

Cork-based farmers are certainly not immune from the current fodder crisis and luckily help is at hand! The team at Cork Airport has stepped in with help for up to 10 local farmers by facilitating the cutting and baling of portions of the airfield at the Airport. 

Niall MacCarthy, Airport Director, Cork Airport said: “We have been closely following reports of the nationwide fodder crisis and have been struck by the plight of the farming community. Despite the improvement in the weather over the past two or three weeks, it’s clear farmers are desperate for assistance and our local farmers here in Cork are no exception. We are determined to help the local farming community in any way possible and are delighted that weather conditions over the past week have improved sufficiently for the cutting and baling of grass to get underway”. 

The cutting and baling work has already begun in the following areas at Cork Airport:  
- The west side of the airfield from Runway 07 down to the Threshold of Runway 35.
- The east side of the airfield from the Aeroclub Taxiway to the Threshold of Runway 35. 
- North of Runway 25 from Taxiway E eastwards.

Cutting work is taking place during daylight hours only without disruption to normal Airport operations. The local farmers are providing all required labour and materials to complete the work, with Airport maintenance staff providing logistical assistance and advice throughout the process.  

Cork Airport’s annual grass cutting programme primarily involves ‘topping’ the grass to a required height in accordance with its bird control strategy. However, this process would not provide the required volume of grass required by the farmers for fodder. Instead, the ‘butting’ of grass will be carried out, where the grass is cut to base level and, fortunately, the current timing and weather conditions are suitable for cutting work to take place.

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