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Route Support Schemes & Incentives

Route Support Schemes

Cork Airport has very extensive Route Support Schemes for new Long and Short Haul routes as well as generous Marketing Support available to help in the formative years of launching any new routes.

The broad details of the two schemes for 2015 are as follows:-

  • Marketing Support
    Cork Airport is mindful of the need to advertise and promote any new routes in this market. We are willing to arrange co-operative funding to assist in the promotion of new routes. Our Marketing Support package is designed to help in this respect. That support, aided by a team of people willing to guide new airlines in the Irish market, will be available to help deliver the best opportunity for a successful and sustainable launch.

Added Capacity Incentive Scheme

 In addition, in order to ensure that Cork Airport has the option to support Airlines that exhibit substantial growth on existing routes, an Added Capacity Incentive Scheme in being introduced at Cork Airport.

daa reserves the right to award the following levels of discount to operators that increase capacity by increasing frequency or seat capacity substantially. 

Year Discount on all Airport Charges for the Additional  Capacity
1 50% for 12 months following the introduction of the Additional Capacity
2 50% for the subsequent 12 months

  • The increase in frequency/capacity on the route/routes must be substantial i.e. a minimum of 20,000 seats over a 12 month period and must present a significant commercial opportunity for Cork Airport.
  • Discounts will apply to all Qualifying Charges (as per the Scheme) relating to the additional frequencies. Full, published charges will apply to the original frequencies.
  • daa reserves the right to apply this incentive to any operator that introduces Additional Capacity. The route does not need to be in receipt of short-haul route support to be considered for eligibility. 
  • Where more than one operator increases frequency/capacity substantially on the same route, daa reserves the right to award Additional Capacity support to more than one operator concurrently. The decision to award Additional Capacity support to more than one operator will be entirely at daa’s discretion, and will be applied only where the company deems there to be a significant commercial benefit to doing so.
  • The Additional Capacity introduced on a route must generate a net benefit for daa i.e. switching of capacity will not be considered as eligible Additional Capacity. daa may require information from an operator to confirm that Additional Capacity is incremental to Cork Airport.
  • To continue to be eligible for the incentive and continue receiving support, approved Additional Capacity on a route must be maintained or increased during the 2 year duration of the incentive

Cork Airport Standby Aircraft Incentive (SAI) 2015

Cork Airport continues to offer a temporary Standby Aircraft Incentive  for Relevant Operators in respect of aircraft parking charges. A Relevant Operator shall not be charged aircraft parking charges (as defined in clause 3.2 of the Cork Airport Charges document) in relation to a Standby Aircraft for periods on which it is parked on a Standby Aircraft Stand.

The Terms and Conditions of the Scheme are as follows:

Cork Airport Standby Aircraft Incentive Scheme 2015