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Doing Business with Us

Cork Airport is the international gateway to the south of Ireland serving over 2.5 million Passengers a year.

Cork Airport is acutely aware of the importance of developing key access routes and the role the airport plays as the international gateway to the Cork city region and the south of Ireland. Cork Airport can offer access to a modern European city region of .5 million people with high levels of business activity and to a region with a well developed tourism industry. With a choice of over 40 scheduled services available, Cork Airport works continuously to develop new connections with the rest of Europe.

If you wish to find out more about the market potential at Cork Airport and the region it serves, please click on one of the following sections located on either the Cork Airport or daa websites.

Aviation Business Development
We are committed to developing business in partnership with our customers and we believe we can provide Airlines, and Tour Operators with the opportunity to grow their business with confidence at Cork Airport. Our Aviation Business Development Department will be delighted to work with you in quantifying business opportunities.

Advertising & Promotion
Find out about the many advertising and promotion opportunities at Cork Airport. Nothing compares to the opportunities at a major international airport.

daa Procurement information enables suppliers to understand the Procurement policies of the daa including relevant contacts and the latest up to date information. Suppliers have access to all current daa tenders and calls for expressions of interest. One of the core objectives of the company's procurement policy is to have a strong strategic relationship with suppliers, which results in key benefits to all involved.

Manufacturers who are not stocked currently by daa can make representations with business and marketing plans setting out why their product would be a good fit for Cork Airport to the respective daa Retail personnel.

We provide suitable accommodation to our Customers at competitive prices. Our excellent customer service colleagues in daa Property will help you to find the perfect location for your business.